GtkStressTesting is a free and open source Linux system utility application. With it, you can test and monitor various hardware components like CPU and RAM. GtkStressTesting has a wealth of information with usage monitors, temperature sensors, and the motherboard itself.

GtkStressTesting was created by developer Roberto Leinardi and its source code is on his GitLab & Github (mirror of GitLab) pages. This is also where you can learn all about the application. GtkStressTesting is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

GtkStressTesting (GST) – System Utility

GST is a GTK system utility designed to stress and monitor various hardware components like CPU and RAM.Run different CPU and memory stress tests


  • Run multi and single core benchmark
  • Show Processor information (name, cores, threads, family, model, stepping, flags,bugs, etc)
  • Show Processor’s cache information
  • Show Motherboard information (vendor, model, bios version, bios date, etc)
  • Show RAM information (size, speed, rank, manufacturer, part number, etc)
  • Show CPU usage (core %, user %, load avg, etc)
  • Show Memory usage
  • Show CPU’s physical’s core clock (current, min, max)
  • Show Hardware monitor (info provided by sys/class/hwmon)

Source: Roberto Leinardi’s GtkStressTesting GitLab page

GtkStressTesting Dashboard

GtkStressTesting Dashboard


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