Open Source Resources

Here are some general links to the big open source world.


FreeBSD - Unix-like Operating System

Thunderbird - Email Client

GIMP - Raster Graphics Editor

Ubuntu MATE - Community Developed OS

HandBrake - Video Transcoder

Office Suite

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Free Accounting Software

Etcher - OS Image Flasher

FileZilla - FTP Application

Static Site Generator

Bootstrap – Front-end Framework

Nextcloud - File Sharing

Linux Optimizer & Monitoring

KDE Neon - Operating System

KeePassXC - Password Manager

Bacula - Backup System

LibreCAD - 2D CAD Software

GParted – Partition editor

Scribus – Desktop Publishing

Kdenlive - Video Editor

Blender - 3D Creation Suite

Drawing Software Program for Children

Webmin - Server Administration Software

Drupal - Open Source CMS

Krita - Professional Painting Program

Cockpit - Linux Server Manager

GanttProject - Project Management Software

Learning Management System

The Universal Operating System

FreeNAS - Network-Attached Storage Software

Python Web Framework

Fedora - Open Source Platform

3D Arcade Racer

Roundcube - Webmail Software

VLC - Media Player

BleachBit - System Cleaner

Lubuntu - Complete Operating System

Desktop Environment

Inkscape - Vector Graphics Editor

OpenShot Video Editor

Ubuntu - Operating System

Office Suite

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